Share To Us Your Cooking Tips!

“Have a great cooking tip?”

“Aspiring to be a well-known chef someday?”

“Wanna demonstrate your culinary skills?

Decades ago, children did not help their mum to peel garlics, onions, or slicing meat and vegetables. As they grow up to become adults today, many have almost zero cooking skill. It is not uncommon for some young adults to know only how to boil eggs or cooking instant noodle. To them, cooking is messy, such a hassle, and a waste of time.

However, many of us know that cooking is actually enjoyable and a satisfying experience; there’s great joy seeing someone appreciating your cooking. At HEXA, we plan to make cooking fun, interesting, and stylish. Beginning July 2015, we recorded a series of short and informative cooking videos with Chefs such as Sapna Anand and Audrey Lim. They’re great chefs and author of their own cook books, which are distributed by MPH.

In April 2016, we started a program on our Facebook Page sharing cooking tips on a bi-daily basis. Our intention is to help educate the community by providing simple cooking tips and tricks. Even if some of them may seem trivia, it does encourage young adults entering the kitchen.

What do I get from joining this?

  • As we are going to credit you in the start of any post, our readers will know it is you who provided the content and they will like your page to know you better. As of current, we have 10,000 genuine Facebook fans.

  • You may get a thank you note from someone that appreciates your tips =).

  • There’s nothing for you to lose except for some of cellphone data and battery (duh!)

How do I Start?

While you’re cooking, and realise something that’s interesting, take out your cellphone and snap a photo or you can record a short video. For example:

  • Notice the golden brown colour, it indicates blah blah blah

  • DO NOT do this blah blah blah

  • My mum use to tell me, the right way to braise this is to blah blah blah

Once you have the picture/video and the tip, you can send to us via:

Email to:


Facebook message us at our Hexa Food page

We’ll help you with the editing work.

“We’r Cooks”

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