HEXA Sustainable Pepper Initiative


To ensure the balance of both the supply chain and mother nature, we source for sustainable peppers locally here from our supplier who prioritizes food safety and sustainability.

So what is sustainability? It can be defined as the ability of the present generation to meet their needs without affecting the future generation.

Let’s take a look at their sustainable pepper initiative.

Pepper farmers are evaluated through monitoring of their farming process. Agriculture training for rural development skills will then be conducted to increase their knowledge and reduce knowledge gaps between farmers. This educates farmers on safety & health, best practices and proper procedures in agriculture industries. Some of the training provided are Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and Integrated Pest Management Strategies

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) educates farmers about food safety which in turn ensures that good quality peppers are produced while Integrated Pest Management Strategies helps pepper farmers to produce sustainable peppers by reducing chemical pest control solutions and introducing biological pest control methods such as planting beneficial plants which are able to control the pests.

Our supplier also consistently check in on the pepper farmers to ensure that they comply to proper certification and food safety guidelines. Once the pepper farmer has been evaluated and certified, they can then continuously supply sustainable and good quality peppers to us 😀 

This initiative contributes to the country as well as socially and economically by providing job opportunities and provides food security via the consistent supply of sustainable and good quality peppers.

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