Ready to Cook Pre–mix

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Premixes were invented base on the characteristic of current society. People nowadays, in the most part of the world, prefer to go for things in the most practical and easy way.

Premixes no doubt do make baking and cooking easier. The main reason behind developing premixes was the notion of convenience and still the same till today. Easier storage can be counted as another advantage since it is sufficient to keep just a single product in stock rather than a whole collection of various ingredients.

Premixes are mixed of dry ingredients in powder form, so they can be stored for quite long time.

Ready to eat pre-mix makes cooking at home even simpler. Pre-mixed spices contains all the necessary ingredients in the pack so you don’t need to purchase additional ingredients. Typically, you’ll just need some fresh onion and garlic along with the pre-mix to whip up a tasty meal.

Do test out our Curry Premix and Sambal Premix!

We package spices in a wide range of pack size, from 10 grams to 25kg bulk pack. Our retail packs are usually less than 100 grams, and our food service pack will be either 1kg or 3kg. Our 20-25kg pack, which is in paper bag, usually caters for food manufacturers.