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Retail Products

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Spices: created by the nature and collected from the roots, stem, bark, flowers, fruits and seeds of normally woody plants. The most potent flavors usually come from the least assuming spices.

Herbs: Created by the nature and collected from the leaves of herbaceous plants. Dried herbs have the advantage of delivery a more concentrated flavour than fresh.

Seasonings: collected from the nature and mixed by Hexa Food. Particularly and obsessively chosen and mixed herbs and spices in finely measured ratios are brought together. Our seasonings are included both classic and modern blends that elevate food. Our Seasonings and premixes are the most effective way to add extra flavor to your cooking.

We are commited to supply responsible sourced of spices, herbs, and seasonings of the finest quality. Our retail products are available on the shelfs of supermarket & hypermaket. Our products are available in Tesco, Giant, Aeon Big, 99 Speedmart, Village Grocer, and many other retail outlets. We are proud of providing exceptional experience for our food services and food manufactured customers from point of order through to delivery and use of goods.

​Large range of our products are available online you can search for them on, Shopee, 11street, Lazada, PG Mall.