HEXA Food 2022 ESG Commitment

Business woman with ESG environment green business concept, hand holding tablet gear virtual reality of environment social governance concept.

We at HEXA Food are happy to announce that we have taken the initiative to embark on the ESG Sustainability Journey. This initiative is a step that we have committed to ensure that our company tries our best to commit to sustainability.


What is ESG? And how does it relate to sustainability?

ESG stands for the Environmental, Social and Governance factors that are taken in consideration to evaluate the sustainability of both the corporate world and countries on how advanced they are in terms of sustainability.



By joining the UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei (UNGCMYB), we have committed to a principle based approach to deliver sustainable development goals.

There are 10 principles of the UN Global impact which can be categorized into 4 main categories which are human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Based on the 10 principles, there are 17 sustainable development goals that we aim to achieve as many as we can a step at a time.



As we embark on our ESG Sustainability Journey, we plan to start in 3 directions:-

  1. Short Term
    1. We plan to start by reducing waste produced from each step from manufacturing to sales processes.
    2. The livelihood of each and every employee will be well taken care of to ensure that there are no hardcore poor within our company.
  2. Medium Term 
    1. We aim to establish a supply chain that is sustainable to both the environment and the local community.
    2. Move our food products development’s design to functional food concept. Food that impacts the human body in a positive manner.
  3. Long Term
    1. We are looking towards adopting new sustainable packaging solutions that help to reduce our carbon footprint.
    2. Provide a positive impact to the environment via our subsidiary – HEXA Iot Sdn. Bhd.