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Cheese Sauce Series

HEXA HALAL Cheese Sauce Powder Premix 200g | Shopee MalaysiaHexa Cheese Powder is basically made by dehydrating real cheese until it is low enough moisture to be completely shelf stable.

HEXA - Jalapeno Cheese Sauce Premix Powder (Spicy)

Hexa Jalapeño Cheese Sauce premix powder is loaded with spicy flavour. There are plenty of ways to use Hexa Cheese sauce but nachos and pasta are the most popular ones. It also works well as just a dipping sauce for soft pretzels, chicken strips, and meatballs.

A high-quality cheese powder usually contains cheese, whey, salt and perhaps an anti-caking additive. Check the ingredient list before purchasing to avoid chemicals and additives.

HEXA Cheese Flavor Seasoning 50g


Hexa cheese flavour seasoning is mostly used for flavour value. It is perfect for adding to popcorn, potatoes, snacks, biscuit, garlic bread, salad, vegetables and many more. Please note, since Hexa Cheese flavour seasoning are made from real cheese, it contains salt.






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