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What type of packaging we are offering to you?

As a food manufacturer, the best packaging we can offer to you is our 1 kg plastic packaging and our maximum packaging that could fit into 25kg per item.  We designed these two packaging to make it convenient for you to use it all at once depends on your application. You may refer here to view the packaging photo and details.


MOQ of order?

As a food producer, planning on inventory is very crucial, especially to cater to the demand of the items. The Minimum Order of Quantity (MOQ) depends on the method of delivery. Let us know where your location is and we will advise you on the MOQ.

You may send us your questions/comments by filling up the feedback form here or contact us at 016-2162920.


Are these packaging available online?

You can purchase our products in 1kg packaging online through our official e-commerce store, Ebaza here. You may need to register an account to proceed with your purchase. There you go. Now you’re ready to shop!

However, for our 25kg packaging, you may need to contact with us to discuss further with your requirement. Kindly refer to the How to Purchase link here where a guideline is attached on how to make an order if you’re interested to proceed.


Do we provide service for self pick-up?

We offered this service previously before the pandemic of Covid-19 started. However, we are currently closed this service temporarily as to mitigate the risk of the virus from spreading. As of now, we sent out the goods ordered by using lorry delivery and courier service.


How long can you get your goods ordered?

Our lead time is 3 to 5 working days to process your goods. However, the number of days maybe different where it can be shorter or longer depends on the situation. Normally, we will update to our customer the status of the goods.


In need to know the best application of the product?

For Research and Department (R&D), we will advise you on the right information needed of the product. If you have an enquiry of any specialized product, our Product Specialist will assist you to provide the right information of the particular products.

You may send us your questions/comments by filling up the form at the feedback form here or contact Mr Marcus at 017-8991683.

Our competent staff will assist you here.