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Founded in 2015, Ebaza is a purveyor of the HEXA finest spices, herbs, and seasonings to customers ranging from home cooks to small cafés and big restaurants all over Malaysia. We are offering our customers quality, freshness and variety selection directly from manufacturer without interfering any middleman. Ebaza is your online source for exotic and hard to find spices blends.

Our most important goal in Ebaza is, introducing the latest HEXA products, the fastest to the whole Malaysian market without the need of moving a step for our customers.

Currently, HEXA products are not available nationwide offline. Therefore, we feel responsible of providing online services for our customers staying in remote states (All the way to Sabah & Sarawak). Enjoy the great taste and convenience of HEXA products wherever you are in Malaysia.

If you are based in Singapore, you still can find our products on Shopee SG and enjoy FREE shipping.

At Ebaza, we believe as long as we put our customers first the success will follow. That’s the reason customer satisfaction and wonderful shopping experience is the most vital aspect of the business. Our goal is to deliver high-quality products and fantastic customer service.

Link to eBaza website:

You can also shop online via Shopee & Lazada.