10 Facts you need to know about poppy seeds: (Or jump straight to Fact No. 10)

April 14, 2016

Following the front page news "Eating poppy seed cake can land you in court" on The Star papers yesterday (13th April), we are here to present you with more information regarding our buddy "poppy seeds':


     1. Poppy seeds are harvested from the dried seeds pod, it contains no morphine content.                      (Morphine is a key ingredient in some drugs)


     2. Poppy seeds is also known as Kas-Kas in Bahasa Malaysia.


     3. The most common poppy seeds available in Malaysia are White and Blue Poppy Seeds.


     4. You can buy poppy seeds from any major supermarket in Malaysia, it is a common cooking                ingredient. (Or you can always get from us!)


     5. White Poppy Seeds available in Malaysia typically originates from Pakistan or Turkey, and                  commonly used for cooking. Turkish origin is whiter in appearance.


    6. Blue Poppy Seeds are commonly used as a topping on buns and muffins. It has similar crunchy         texture to sesame seeds.


    7. White Poppy Seeds can be blended with curry pastes, it help adds a nutty flavor and thickens           the texture. It’s commonly added to Coconut Curries and Kurma.


    8. All Poppy Seeds products (including powder) is subject to 6% GST.


    9. “As of December 2015, USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) has never sanctioned an            athlete due to the consumption of poppy seeds”


   10. Eating a lot of raw poppy seeds will definitely not get you high but most likely you’ll end up                having a diarrhea


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