Golden ~ Creamy~ Rich~ Tasty~ HEXA Salted Egg Sauce (Powder Premix)

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Golden ~ Creamy~ Rich~ Tasty~ HEXA Salted Egg Sauce (Powder Premix)

Warning: Reading this may cause you hungry.

Egg Powder is made from egg yolk liquid with the process of shelled eggs breaking, liquid filtering, homogenising, pasteurising, fermentation and dry spray. Our Salted Egg Premix uses Egg powder as the main ingredient, mixing with other spices and ingredients to create the perfect blend.

Salted Egg Sauce is one of the most famous sauce dishes in the world. No matter in chinese cuisine, western cuisine, japan cuisine etc…… There are many several ways to serve with foods:- It can be sauce~ it can be seasoning or it can be for dessert. For those who love Salted Egg. Let’s rock in HEXA Food. Finally did come out with a simple & safety to use Salted Egg Sauce Premix “HEXA” Salted Egg Sauce Premix


Suggested Usage:


HEXA Salted Egg Sauce:


  1. Margarine – 50gm
  2. Curry leaves – 2-4 gm
  3. HEXA Salted Egg Sauce premix – 35gm


Cooking Instruction:

  1. Heat margarine until it is melted.
  2. Add curry leaves and HEXA Salted Egg Sauce premix.
  3. Stir & cook at low flame for 2-4 minutes until creamy.


Perfect for the following: Pop-corn chicken (fried) Shrimp (fried) Calamari (fried)



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Hexa Food Sdn. Bhd manufactures Salted Egg Sauce Premix Powder and Salted Egg Flavour Seasoning. We supply to wholesalers and food manufacturers in both Malaysia and Singapore. You can inquiry Salted egg sauce premix powder and salted egg seasoning price by emailing us: Hexa Food Sdn. Bhd ensure you can buy Salted Egg Powder with the best quality and price. We in HEXA strongly believe in providing the high-quality level of products to our customers by improving our products regularly.



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咸蛋酱是世界上最著名的酱料之一。无论中餐,西餐,日本料理等等…… 有多种食物搭配方法:可以是酱料〜可以是调味料,也可以是甜点。对于那些爱咸蛋的人。让我们摇滚HEXA Food。最后确实提出了一种简单安全的方法来使用咸蛋酱预混料

“ HEXA”咸蛋酱预混料



- 人造黄油– 50克

- 咖喱叶– 2-4克

- HEXA咸蛋酱预拌料– 35克


- 爆米花鸡(炸)

- 虾(炸)

- 枪乌贼(炸)









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