HEXA We’r Cooks #13: Lemongrass Butter Turkey Cooking with Hexa by Audreycooks

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Turkey is like a special guest that appears on our dining table during Christmas. Not many people have had great impression towards turkey because it’s not easy to cook and it could turned out real dry if it wasn’t cooked properly. Despite showing you the typical turkey cooked with herbs, here we are presenting you the most unconventional lemongrass turkey recipe ever, served with spicy herb drizzle.

This turkey recipe will be served in tapas style, which Audrey Cooks is best at. The fragrant that was produced during the cooking will definitely makes your neighbor drool. The great thing about this recipe is that, even though some part of the turkey might be a bit dry due to the uneven cooking as the size of the turkey are humongous, your turkey meat will still taste extremely delicious by serving it with the drizzle sauce. Try this and you will never look at turkey the same way!

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