HEXA Cumin Seed

Cumin Seeds

Cumin, known as ‘Jintan Putih’ in Malay, ‘孜然’ in Chinese, and ‘Jeera’ in Hindi, is a spice derived from the dried seeds of the Cuminum cyminum plant, belonging to the parsley family. It has a rich, slightly bitter, sharp, earthy flavor with a lemony aroma. Widely used in Indian, Mexican, African, and Asian cuisines, ground cumin is a vital ingredient in various spice blends, including curry powder, and adds its distinctive aroma and flavor to dishes. This 100% natural product is aromatic, halal and HACCP certified, suitable for seasoning meats, fish, and stews. It can be stored in a cool, dry place and is available through Ebaza, delivering an exotic taste to your dishes. Whole cumin seeds are also utilized, especially in German cakes and bread, pickling, and marinades, with the option to enhance their flavor through light roasting.


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