HEXA Japan 4 in 1: Your Oiishi sole-mate for Japanese Cuisine

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HEXA’s best seller series is none other than our HEXA 4 in 1 series! Hexa 4 in 1 series of spices, herbs and seasonings helps everyone to whip up delicious and appetizing meals. We have American, Italian & British which won everyone’s heart and customers have been requesting for other countries’ best authentic local food.

We heard you! Your long-awaited moment is finally here!!

Konnichiwa! Hexa Japan 4 in 1 consists of Sansho pepper, Japanese curry, Togarashi and Miso. With this 4 in 1, we are making Japanese cuisine accessible to everyone and especially those who are interested in cooking it. Love to cook more Japanese food at home but not sure where to start? You found your sole-mate now! You can also click here to be redirected to our Youtube channel for many interesting videos of simple easy cooking and recipes! 


What is Sansho Pepper?

Sansho pepper, known as kona-zanshō in Japanese, is a spice used in Korean and Japanese cuisine. It comes from the peppercorns of the Japanese pepper plant (Zanthoxylum piperitum), also known as the Japanese prickly ash. In Japan, chefs and home cooks use sansho pepper similarly to how their Western counterparts use black pepper. The pepper is one component, along with red chili peppers, of the popular spice blend shichimi togarashi (Japanese seven spice).

The Sansho is a perfect representation of this proverb, small yet full of flavor while heightening the taste buds. The Sansho peppercorn is a direct relative of the Sichuan peppercorn, although they are very different in flavor, they both provide a slight tingle and numbness sensation on the tongue.

Sansho pepper can just be sprinkled directly on unagi, grilled meat, fried chicken, fried meals, hot pot, miso soup. With that you will experience a unique sensation of a spicy tingling sensation at your tongue with a hint of the refreshing citrus scent.


What is Japanese Curry Powder?

Japanese curry powder (カレー粉) is a blend of spices, herbs, and aromatics that is used to season a variety of Japanese dishes such as curry rice, curry udon and curry bread. The main difference between Japanese curry powder and Indian curry powder is the level of spiciness. When curry powder was first imported into Japan, they altered it to their taste, making it sweeter and less spicy. The sauce is similar to a rich and thick demi-glace that’s layered with spices and earthy flavors. The sweet and savory flavors married in a rich brown curry sauce make it so that every bite is exciting to eat.

Japanese curry also tastes good unsurprisingly with the combination of onions, potatoes, carrots and any kind of meat. If you prefer thicker sauce-like curry you may want to add some thickening agent like starch while cooking.  While primarily used to make curry, it can also be used in soups, stews, noodles and anything you want to add a mild, subtly sweet curry flare to.


What is Togarashi?

Shichi is Japanese for “seven” and togarashi means “peppers,” hence the name “seven spice” referring to the number of spices (plus nori) typically used in this blend.  While many variations exist, togarashi typically includes chilli, sesame, orange peel, garlic, salt, green szechuan, seaweed and ginger. It simply acts as a finishing zing which gives you a toasty sweet spice experience! Ramen shops usually have vial-like containers of them at the table, and they’re also easy to find at Japanese markets.

They are commonly sprinkled over udon noodles, vegetables, steamed rice, eggs, added to grilled meats, chicken (e.g. yakitori) fish and marinades, used in rubs, soups, tempuras and salad dressings.  They’ are even sprinkled on popcorn, fries and used to season rice cakes and crackers. Whether the dishes are of Japanese origin or not, shichimi togarashi is a versatile spice blend that will add life and flavor to a wide range of foods.


What is Miso?

Miso is a fermented paste made from soybean packed with umami flavors. It is most commonly used to make miso soup; but due to its flavor enhancing properties, it is also frequently used to enhance the taste of other food by giving it a nice savory flavor without overpowering the original taste of the prepared dish. Besides that, miso is packed with probiotics which is known to improve gut health and immunity.

When you think of Japanese food, its highly likely that you would think of miso soup. Therefore, we have included it into our Japan 4 in 1 as we know that no Japanese food is complete without one of the most famous Japanese staple seasoning – miso. As normal miso paste requires refrigeration, we have made it more convenient by using miso granules instead. Our HALAL Miso granules is sourced from one of the best miso producer in the world –  Marukome. It is sprayed dried and encapsulated to deliver the best taste. Just sprinkle and enjoy 😀

Come and have 1 bottle of Hexa 4 in 1 Japan. It will be sure to take you on a trip to chow-town in Japan. Yor Ooooooooooiishi experiences await you!

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