Korean Red Chili Flakes (Gochugaru)

Korean Chili Flakes Insides 140g for website

Korean red chili flakes (Gochugaru) is the perfect seasoning that can used in almost every Korean dish!



Although Korean cuisine offers a host of great non-spicy dishes, it is famous for its fiery spiciness. But what is the secret to the spice? The spicy taste of many Korean foods largely comes down to one key ingredient: Gochugaru (고춧가루) which is made of the words gochu (고추) chilli pepper, and garu (가루) powder. In English, it’s also referred to as Korean chili pepper flakes, Korean red pepper flakes or Korean chili powder.

Gochugaru is often coarse and flaky in texture, similar to flaky sea salt, vibrantly red in colours and it has mild to moderate spicy taste with a hint of sweetness. It gives Korean cuisine the iconic heat and rich red colours, but you can also use it as a substitute for regular chili powder in fusion recipes or your everyday cooking.



Korean red pepper flakes have a unique flavour compared with other types of chili flakes. They’re spicy yet sweet, smoky and a little bit fruity. The flavour is well-rounded and complex, yet milder in heat than regular chili flakes or cayenne pepper powder, although the heat, flavour and quality can vary between brands.

Gochugaru is an essential ingredient to Korean cooks everywhere for fiery flavor, a textured chili powder ranging from mild to hot, with a range of flavors depending on the peppers and preparation method. If offers a wonderful level of heat and spicy with touches of sweet and it is an important element in your arsenal for making authentic Korean cuisine. This is a more coarse version of Gochugaru and it has more versatile usage in Korean cooking.  It is used in gochujang (Korean chili paste), kimchi, spicy Korean soups and stews (e.g. Sundubu jjigae) and spicy Korean side dishes (e.g. Korean cucumber salad).

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