HEXA Lamb Seasoning


Exceptionally tasty lamb comes from using a great lamb rub like this flavorful mix! HEXA lamb seasoning combines flavorful herbs and spices that is typically used to marinate lamb, rub it on before cooking, or sprinkle it on cooked lamb. Lamb is very succulent meat that can be absolutely delicious when prepared with our herby seasoning and then smoked to perfection. Your meat will be incredibly melt-in-the-mouth with a buttery and herby taste that pairs perfectly with side dishes such as mushroom soup and mashed potatoes.


Suggested Use

  • Lamb
    • Marinade
    • Dry Rub
    • Seasoning
      • Sprinkle on after cooking


  • Roasted vegetables
    • Sprinkle it on roasted vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, or Brussels sprouts


  • Salads
    • Add a sprinkle into your salads for a flavorful and aromatic touch


  • Soups
    • Add a pinch into soups for flavor boost



Chili, Salt, Onion, Pepper, MSG, Sugar, Herbs



Keep in a clean, dry and cool place. Better to keep in the fridge once open.


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