HEXA Sterilized Spices


Hexa Food Sdn. Bhd., a renowned Malaysian herbs, spices and seasonings food manufacturer is now embarking on a mission to provide the global food market with sterilized herbs and spices that guarantee safety, without compromising taste or nutritional benefits. Our foray into sterilized spices and herbs marks a new chapter in our commitment to producing the finest, safest, and most flavoursome ingredients. While our current line of herbs and spices already enjoy a good reputation, this move signifies our proactive approach to elevate food safety and quality standards to an entirely new level.

We plan to use state-of-the-art sterilization technology to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. This technology eliminates pathogens that can be naturally present in raw herbs and spices, thus significantly reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Sterilized herbs and spices brings numerous benefits to the end consumer, the food industry, and the culinary world as a whole.  Some of the benefits of sterilized herbs and spices are:-

  1. Enhanced Food Safety
    • The sterilization process substantially lowers the risk of bacterial contamination in spices and herbs. It reduces the potential presence of salmonella, E.coli, and other harmful bacteria, providing customers with a safer cooking experience.
  2. Extended Shelf Life
    • Sterilized products generally have a longer shelf life, preserving the quality and taste of the spices and herbs for a more extended period.
  3. Preserved Nutritional Value and Flavor
    • Contrary to common perception, sterilization doesn’t lead to significant nutrient or flavor loss. We also ensure that the sterilization process preserves the inherent flavors and the health benefits of the spices and herbs.
  4. Trust and Reliability
    • With this enhanced safety measure, you can enjoy a greater sense of trust and reliability in our products. It provides you a sense of assurance about the quality and safety of the products that you bring into your kitchen.


Therefore, with the launch of these sterilized herbs and spices, we reaffirm our commitment to the relentless pursuit of quality, safety, and the best possible customer experience. With this new technology, our products not only meet the international food safety standards but also cater to the increasing global consumer demand for safer and healthier food options. What are you waiting for? Come! Add these sterilized spices and herbs to your pantry with the confidence and knowledge that they are now safer, longer-lasting, and every bit as flavorful as you remember it to be.


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